Blair Drummond Safari Park Review

The perfect frame for us!

I have a long history with Blair Drummond Safari Park; a family run park just outside of Stirling that boasts over 350 rare and exotic animals! Visits here were regular throughout my childhood, even after a rather unfortunate incident when a peacock stole three-year-old me’s sandwich after hopping up on the picnic bench beside me! So I was delighted when I was offered the opportunity to take Stella along to have up close animal encounters with the great beasts that are usually confined to our story books.

Stella captivated by the animals on show

We arrived early on that sunny Saturday morning after a short drive from Glasgow where we’d enjoyed post card perfect views of the imposing Hills set against a baby blue backdrop! Within a few minutes we had out tickets and were on our way to the drive through enclosures. The animals increase in size and wow factor as you make you way from one enclosure to the next… From packs of deer to huge- horned bison and finally the big ticket–the lions! You may be aware that lions are pretty lazy creatures with males sleeping about 20 hours a day and females around 16 hours (even in the big cat world us women can’t catch a break, eh?) yet we were very luck to see some fantastic activity! The two newest members of the tribe, cubs Hope and Faith, playfully wrestled with one another and were preened by their adoring mum, it was like a scene from The Lion King and one I’m not likely to forget! With a better-than-Disney warmth in our hearts we made our way to the main park.

I was interested to see how the park are managing safety given that we are living through a global pandemic and I was to be thoroughly impressed throughout my visit. Firstly, hand sanitising stations were set up and clearly visible all over the park. These also included spray bottles and wipes to clean any equipment such as the swings or slides. Staff manned the toilets ensuring maximum capacity numbers were adhered to and politely reminded customers to don a face mask. Gift shops had a simple but revolutionary traffic light system in place to avoid overcrowding! I was slightly disappointed to see that the sea lion centre was shut and the boat trip to monkey Island off, but it is just a sign of these times and the lengths the park are willing to go to in order to keep families safe! There is so much to see and do at Blair Drummond, that I didn’t feel like we missed out by not being able to enjoy these attractions;but was more of a nostalgia mixed with sadness about the many huge and small ways that Covid has affected everyday life!

Simple yet effective crowd management tools

After spending time running from the meercats to the penguins then walking through the farm park, Stella was ready for a snack. We enjoyed some chips and a run about in the gigantic playpark followed by a stroll round Dinosaur land- a new and very visually stimulating experience when children can see (and hear) mechanical dinosaurs and learn interesting facts about them! And let’s just say Stella got revenge on the great, great grandchild of the aforementioned peacock (see video footage attached below 😅).

Revenge is a dish best served by a manic toddler

Things I loved:

●Excellent Covid safety measures

●Large enclosures with plenty of enrichment for the animals

●Helpful staff throughout the park

●Plenty of toilet facilities with built in toddler seats (excellent for newly potty trained children)

Hopes for the future:

●To be able to take Stella here again when we can enjoy the boat trip and sea lion show in a (hopefully) Covid-free society!

Thank you so much for reading my review, if you’re visiting Scotland with children this attraction is an absolute must-do and if you’re local and fancy a fun day outdoors where you can (almost) forget about Covid then I can’t recommend a day at Blair Drummond enough!

Love Paula x @montessoriplaying

This trip was arranged as a PR trip upon my request. I have visited as a paying customer many, many times so was already aware of how wonderful the park is, but I wanted to report on the additional safety measures the park have adopted in light of Covid-19. All views are my own.

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