Why I use anatomically correct names for ‘private parts’

I’d like to start by saying these are simply my personal choices and that you know best what works for your family. Pee pee. Flower. Little man. Minnie. Willy winkie. Fanny. Snake. Lady bits. Cookie. Sausage. Cupcake. Twinkle. Hoohah. Bits. Fireman’s hose. Coochie. Dingle dangle… The list could go on and on but when itContinue reading “Why I use anatomically correct names for ‘private parts’”

Toddler Speech

Last month, I did a poll on my Instagram stories (@montessoriplaying) and a huge percentage of followers voted that they’d like to see a blog post about developing toddler speech. In this post, I will outline some strategies I’ve used from Stella’s early weeks to current play based learning that enhances her talking skills. PleaseContinue reading “Toddler Speech”